Frúdigi is a Digital Marketing Agency designed to offer budget-friendly Digital Marketing Services for the Small Business Owner and Not-for-Profit Organization.

Our our Digital Marketing Agency offers the following services:

Digital Marketing Agency

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing services changes often. Every day a new tool or marketing strategy presents itself. Do you implement or ignore?  The best way to create a digital marketing strategy is to first analyze your internal business history, then research external market demands.

Search Marketing

Search engine marketing offers fantastic ROI for businesses and webmasters. Once you’ve put in the ground work, you will have built a stable foundation that will ensure great visibility on the Search Engine Results Pages, which will in turn steadily drive traffic to your site for years to come.

Website Design

Website design these days, must be consumed by browsing the web on mobile devices instead of only desktop computers. This has changed the game as far as web design goes and it’s crucial to make sure your business is keeping up. We know exactly what to do and how to do it.

Content Marketing

A sound content marketing strategy will ensure that your message gets in front of as many prospective buyers as possible.  A good strategy will have your company’s information in front of your prospective customers every time they’re in need of your product or service.

Ad Management

One very simple way to grow is to identify ways to increase conversion for your existing advertising campaigns. It’s easy to increase conversions when you know the right formula. Increased conversion allows business owners to decrease ad spend and use the extra funds to retain our services.

Social Media Marketing

We can handle every aspect of your comprehensive social media strategy. We will discuss your brand and your goals with you and create a tailored action-plan that will help you to generate likes and shares quickly and effectively.